Great Smoky Mountains 75th Anniversary

Welcome to the Great Smokies!


Welcome to the official Great Smoky Mountains National Park 75th Anniversary website!

Superintendent Dale Ditmanson

We have worked closely with our partners, Great Smoky Mountains Association and the Friends of the Smokies, and with our neighboring communities, to develop this site as our “Virtual Visitor Center” to showcase “all things 75th”.

On this site you will find a rich and evolving variety of information on the Park’s history, current issues, and future visions. Throughout 2008 and 2009 you’ll find information about a wide array of activities and events in the Park as well as officially recognized events in all our many neighboring communities.

Great Smokies 75th Family Album

Smokies Family Album

On a personal note, when I was selected in 2004 by the National Park Service to become the Superintendent of the Smokies, I felt extremely privileged to arrive at a time when the Park’s 75th Anniversary was drawing close. I feel that this milestone provides us an excellent opportunity to celebrate the past: to highlight over eight decades of hard work, personal sacrifice, and significant success in creating and protecting this national treasure.

Great Smokies 75th Timeline

Smokies Timeline

At the same time, anniversaries serve to highlight the challenges the Park and its neighboring communities currently face as we look forward to the next 75 years. Together we must strive to find ways to work together to preserve the Park’s resources and to continue to provide our millions of visitors and neighboring residents with an excellent experience both inside the Park and in our surrounding communities.


Thank you for visiting our 75th Anniversary website. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and love of the Smokies with our virtual visitors from across America and around the world.